The two most exiting camera just announced – Canon EOS C500 Mark II and Sony PXW-FX9! Which one to choose? Hard times😃. I have collected the currently available specification information in order to compare the two cameras, please be aware that these specs are “on paper only” for the time being. To me, Sony PXW-FX9 is most suitable for the TV delivery, the Canon EOX C500 Mark II is more future proof (internal RAW, next generation CFExpress recording media) and the most complete camera for the independent video content creator thus also €4K more expensive. As a current Sony PXW-FS7 Mark II owner I tend to wait another 2 years to see if the Sony will deliver some PXW-FX9 MKII and with what specs. Do you consider investing in new camera? I would like to hear what are your preferences?


  1. Put also in perspective that the chart is a bit biased.
    It says “no viewfinder” for the FX9.
    Well, it’s not tru, it’s even more the opposite.
    Even if I’m not 100% fan of the Sony EVF system, at least, it’s on the side of the camera (or wherever you want to put it)
    And it’s included.
    On the C500mk2,It’s only at the rear o the body, so compeltly useless for 90% of the shot (on tripod or interview or on shoulder for ENG work)
    So you will nee to add the price and rod to get a real EVF on the C500mk2 + power it.
    So add 2,000 USD or so on the final price for similar functionality.
    Also, if you are moving form FS7 to FX9, Look at all the batteries, and card money you will be saving by staying on the Sony system. It also look like the handgrip, top plate are the same, so all your accessories are still valid.

    • Goran Stepic

      Dear, regarding the viewfinder, very fair comment, I have updated my list so now Sony PXW-FX9 has a fair match and on the top the viewfinder is included in the price, while for the Canon EOS C500 Mark II it is an extra cost.

  2. Goran Stepic

    Thank you. I use the themes from

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