My GH4 returned back after almost 2 months being repaired by famous customer unfriendly, inefficient and extreme communication shy Panasonic Service Center in Germany. The PCB was burned by one cheap external dummy battery solution. Because I have the US model with unlimited video recording, I have asked the Panasonic to sent it back with the US PCB. Well, in all the glory of their inefficiency and incompetence, this time they simple installed the GH4-R PCB with included V-LOG! OK, I am not going to complain and send it back ;-). Thus I have decided to perform some quick test and compare CINE-D, CINE-V, VLOG-L with applied Varicam 35 LUT and VLOG-L flat. The Varicam 35 LUT has definitely too much of red-inesh but to my eyes I can see a significant improvement in quality, despite not overexposing 1-2 stops and recording 8-bit 4:2:0 internally. I would be glad to hear your feedback!

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